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Getting AzureProviders up and running for the first time

  • Make sure you have all the prerequisites
  • Download the source and unzip it to a folder on your PC
  • Open VS 2010 as an administrator (Azure development storage require this)
  • Find and open the AzureProviders.sln solution from Visual Studio 2010
  • Change the SMTP-server to one that works for you in app.config under Email Agent -> -> mailsettings -> smtp -> network
  • Change the admin e-mail in web.config under WebPages -> configuration -> appsettings -> AdminEmail
  • Run the solution from Visual Studio 2010
  • Initialize the application for the first time by going to /Admin/InitApp.aspx, this creates all the tables, queues, users, etc
  • Sign in with the Admin user (default user name is "Admin" and default password is "Password")
  • You should probably change the statickey appsetting in the web.config file before going public since this is the encryption key, or use machine key instead.

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